Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I be reimbursed by my hospital/clinic for Notedoctors?
We have users who report that Notedoctors is covered under Medical Reimbursement for subscription based services.  Doesn’t hurt to ask your administrators!
What is NoteDoctors? Is it an EMR?
NoteDoctors is an EMR supplement.  We are a universal macro/dotphrase sharing and note template platform developed to improve efficiency and get you back in front of your patients.
Who can use NoteDoctors?

Physicians and providers of Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, and Pediatrics are the most frequent users of our product.  Our Medical Template are geared primarily to outpatient settings (clinic, ER, urgent care), but we are expanding into the inpatient setting.

Which electronic medical record systems work with NoteDoctors?
Our product will work with essentially any electronic medical record.  The only requirement is that your EMR allows you to be able to paste into your note.
Can scribes or medical students use NoteDoctors?
Absolutely!  Anyone that can document has the ability to benefit from our note templates.
Can I create my own note templates?
Yes!  After subscribing, we offer detailed instructions on how to easily edit, create, and save new note templates.
Can I copy and paste note templates and then cancel my subscription?
NoteDoctors has intellectual patents pertaining to our material.  After your subscription is ended, all content is to be deleted from your EMR.  We believe we are fairly priced for the services we provide.  It’s expensive running a website!
Are there any discounts available?
Yes, we offer discounts to group memberships of 3 or more.  Contact us for more information.
Are updates available?
Absolutely.  Your input is very important to us.  On our “requests” page, please give recommendations on additional note generators that you would like to see.
Can I use NoteDoctors on my iPhone or Ipad?
Yes, Notedoctors is functional on any device with an internet connection.
How many note templates are available?
Hundreds with more being added every week.  Keep those suggestions coming!